Staff Code of Conduct for 2014 Dixie ....

posted Aug 15, 2013, 8:57 PM by Santee Lodge 116   [ updated Aug 15, 2013, 8:57 PM by Neal Sarvis ]
Code of Conduct
The success or failure of our fellowship depends on the conduct of each individual brother that attends. As an 
Arrowman, I understand and will observe all rules and regulations of the Order of the Arrow, the Boy Scouts of 
America, and will observe the reasonable demands made of me. As a member of the Order of the Arrow, I will:
1. Observe the Scout Law, Scout Oath, and the Obligation of the Order of the Arrow.
2. Wear my officially designated uniform as required throughout the fellowship.
3. Attend planned and general training sessions.
4. Confine the trading and swapping of Scout related items to free periods and in designated areas.
5. Be personally responsible for the breakage, damage, or loss of property.
6. Observe quiet hours and lights-out hours.
7. Keep my quarters clean and dispose of trash in the proper places.
8. Not change my officially assigned area without permission.
9. Allow no unregistered person to occupy my quarters.
10. Wear suitable covering in the camp including shirt and closed toed shoes.
11. Observe all BSA policies regarding the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcohol.
12. Observe BSA tobacco use policy.
13. Respect BSA rules prohibiting the use of fireworks and firearms.
14. Neither buy nor sell items at the fellowship other than at the Trading Post or as authorized by the Council of 
Chiefs. I understand that the Trading Post is the only official source for the purchase of items.
15. Not to leave camp without permission of the fellowship headquarters.
16. Remember that I am a guest of Santee Lodge of the Pee Dee Area Council, and Camp Coker.
17. Park only in designated areas.
18. Abide by the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting including Youth Protection Guidelines.
I understand that the failure to abide by these rules, as approved by the Council of Chiefs, could result in my 
removal from the fellowship and camp premises.

James McIlrath
Dixie 2014 Committee Adviser