Dixie Fellowship 2014

posted Aug 15, 2013, 9:03 PM by Santee Lodge 116   [ updated Aug 15, 2013, 9:03 PM by Neal Sarvis ]
Dear Brothers,

I just want to say wow! Santee Lodge Members had a really good weekend (for some it was a week) at Camp Coker for OA Week/Summer Fellowship. We had voted on a patch and a theme for 2014 Dixie. The theme is "United in a Life of Cheerful Service". Start thinking on how that theme fits your life in scouting, church, and home. I just want to again thank the people who help with the new staircase for the Dining Hall, the people who set up the lights and the benches, and the others who painted the sound booth. Also great job to Jake Ammons and Chris King for a great pageant!

If you guys did not hear the good news, we had about 20+ new members sign up on Dixie Staff. If you weren’t there and heard the deal here it is: “If Santee Lodge 116 gets 180 people sign up on Staff by Fall Fellowship 2013, then Timmy Hellaby II will dye his hair hot green or pink, and allow the brothers of the lodge to throw shaving cream pies at his face!” Get every member of the OA you know to sign up. We need 200 people to run it. Every brother, especially you, is truly important in making Dixie great for the guests of Camp Coker in April 2014. 

We have a great selection of Chairmans, and for those who are Chairmans please try to make it to Lodge Leadership Seminar in September. And even attend NLS (National Leadership Seminar). If you have any questions please ask me or my advisor James McIlrath. 

Thanks you for continuing not only the brotherhood, cheerful service, and fellowship, but also continuing the traditions!

Yours in WWW,

Timmy Hellaby II
Dixie 2014 Committee Chairman